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Yoga Challenge

Yoga Challenge

Hi everyone! Do you ever feel sluggish or tired? Do you feel like you’re forever putting others’ well-being ahead of your own? Do you ever feel overly stressed or overwhelmed with your everyday life? Do you have any difficulty getting a good night’s sleep? Have you ever felt uncomfortable in your own body? Do you wish you could better connect to your own power and intuition?

You are not alone!

I believe that if you could just integrate a little yoga into your everyday life, you could make some drastic changes in a positive direction - whether that means going to a class one time a week, doing some poses in the comfort of your own home, or simply taking 5 minutes to meditate and breathe deeply… in your car! However you choose to access it, you’ll be a happier person for it.

My aim is to create accessible, easy-to-follow yoga instruction that you can follow along with at home.

The 14-Day Yin and Yang Challenge is a series of 14 high-quality instructional videos, designed to give you a balance between strength and flexibility. You will get VIP access to our Facebook community, peer-to-peer support, and free coaching tips.

If you’ll join my best program yet, you have made the first step toward better health, happiness, and well-being! I’m very proud of this series, and I know you’re going to love every minute of it! 

I hope you enjoy this COMPLETELY FREE video, which is Day 8 of my 14-day challenge. Join the challenge today, and start your journey to better health and well-being!

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