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E-Billboards for Marketing

E-Billboards for Marketing

Check out this brand new cutting-edge technology for marketing! It's a leave-behind brochure for your business, but with a twist: it has video! 

LCD Marketing Brochures

Since video is taking over the world, you should not be leaving behind boring print products that get tossed as soon as you walk out the door. These amazing video e-billboards are incredible attention getters - some of ours get watched thousands of times when we leave them with potential clients. There is no more effective way to spread your message, because everybody loves to watch videos.

You can choose any size screen, do your own artwork or have us do it, load multiple videos - it's so flexible.

How to Get Past the Gatekeeper

If you have trouble getting past the front desk to the real person in charge, then leave one of these with the "gatekeeper" - chances are it will make its way around to the decision maker (because of the cool factor) and you're in! This concept is so new and totally unique that it attracts major attention. And people actually hang onto it and watch the videos over and over, instead of filing it away in the proverbial File 13.

Small Screen Advertising

We sometimes deliver it to the front desk of a firm we want to reach out to, and when we leave we let them know that we'll come by in a couple weeks and pick it up - which gives us a reason for a touchback without appearing pushy or overbearing. And by the time we go back, it has usually made the rounds of the whole company! The advertising power of this small screen is unprecedented, and it's now available to you for the first time.

If you'd like to investigate the possibility of getting your hands on this technology to help you with your marketing, give us a call at 774-INCLINE (774-462-5463), or email us here:


Or visit our website at http://incline.media/marketing and see how we can help you market your business. We'd love to help you spread your message farther than ever!

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