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Meal Prep

Hey babes! If you are ready to meal prep and start seeing those gains, check out my video tutorial for how to meal prep like a boss! In this video I will show you guys my clean eating grocery haul, and all of the things that I buy when it's time to meal prep for the next few days. You don't want to meal prep for an entire week, because your food will only stay good for about four days. I like to meal prep on Sundays the best, because that will get me through the first half of the work week. I usually prep again on Wednesdays, or if I can make it work, Thursday afternoons so that it will last through the weekend. I like to meal prep for several reasons. The first reason that I prefer to prep my food ahead of time is simply convenience during the week! If I had to cook chicken, vegetables, and brown rice each time that I needed a meal, I would be spending way too much time in the kitchen. If I go ahead and cook up a batch of brown rice to stick in the fridge, I can simply dole out a serving into my Tupperware each day and take it with me on the go. Even if I am staying at home, I am able to get much more work done if I don't have to prepare each meal from scratch. It also makes on the go meals much healthier, more cost-effective, and filled with nutrients! Instead of having to grab a snack on the go, or even end up driving through somewhere, if you pack your meal prep with you you will never be caught starving with no healthy options around! I recently bought an awesome cooler made just for meal prep that contains shelves and Tupperware inside as well as ice packs to keep my meal prep fresh. It really makes me feel ahead of the game when I pull out my pre-portioned and prepared meal from my meal prep bag! The second reason that I like meal prepping is that it pretty much forces me to eat right! I don't want to make unhealthy choices for straight from my meal plan, because that will mean wasting the food that I have already prepared. This helps to keep me on track on my meal plan, and I feel great during the week! It also helps me make sure that I am getting enough of my essential vitamins and minerals, or micronutrients, as well as getting all of my macro nutrients in a timely manner. That means that whenever I decide on what my meal prep will entail, I am conscious of what time of day I will be eating each meal, and how I need to schedule my workouts around these meals or vice versa. This ensures that I get the carbohydrates that I need to fuel my workouts as well as the proteins that I need right afterward to feed my muscles. Overall, it just makes everything much easier when it comes to building muscle and staying lean! I hope that you guys enjoy the meal prep recipes and meal prep ideas in my video, and that you are able to try out meal prep for yourself! Healthy food can be fun too!! Keep living that fit life, babes! Hugs, Emmy

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