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Juice Beauty

Juice Beauty Hey babes! Thinking about trying a Juice Beauty product as a good-for-you organic makeup option? Check out my tutorial for how to get rid of dark circles with my new favorite organic makeup find, Juice Beauty’s Perfecting Concealer in 08, Cream! I always like to try to keep everything I do, eat, and wear as natural and organic as possible. If you have seen my clean eating haul, you will have noticed that most of the foods and drinks that I buy are typically organic, clean, often vegan, and as unprocessed as possible! I believe that everything that you put into your body should be as pure and organic as possible, so that you do not load yourself down with toxins, harsh chemicals, and other yucky stuff that can cause major health problems and can simply slow you down and limit your body’s potential for health and success. Since I have been eating organic, I feel much lighter, more fresh and awake during the day, and I have more energy for working out as well. I have also noticed a big improvement in my skin tone and texture, and my hair is softer and less brittle and dry on the ends. It only made sense to me to take my organic ways past simply what I consume, and carry it over to my skin care regime and my makeup bag! Finding good organic makeup can definitely be a challenge. The last organic makeup that I tried was pretty awful; when I squeezed out the product, a giant blob of oily goo came out into my hands! The makeup was thick and sticky, and it did not last on my face at all. Although I liked the cleaner ingredients in the products, I just couldn’t sacrifice that much quality for the sake of going organic, even though I knew it was very important for my health! I decided to keep on looking for organic makeup, and that’s when I found Juice Beauty! I have only been using this coconut-based concealer from Juice Beauty for a little over a week now, but I still absolutely love it. The texture is very thin, non-greasy, and blends very well under my eyes, and on any other trouble areas on my skin where redness occurs. I like how blurry the overall effect of the concealer is, and I do not think that it creases, cakes up, or makes my pores appear more noticeable like some concealers can. Juice Beauty makes a lot of products that I have not yet been able to review, but so far, the Perfecting Concealer gets a huge thumbs up for me! To see more or let me know what I should review next, leave me a comment at makeup.plus, or on Instagram at @incline.media and @emmyohmy! I’ll see you guys there! Have fun playing up your features, beauties! Hugs, Emmy