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How much can i sell my life insurance policy for?

3 things every senior needs to know about Life Settlements a life insurance policy is one of the most valuable assets a person can own they're also one of the most misunderstood and wasted people don't realize that a life insurance policy is personal property just like their home and then it has a life settlement value while they're still alive seniors in particular too often throw their policy away after making premium payments for years the owner of a life insurance policy can sell their life policy through a life settlement for its higher market value but are often unaware of the unique Financial options designed specifically to benefit them while they're still alive in fact over 90% of seniors who lapse or Surrender a policy they would have considered a settlement if they had known about them so we'd like to answer the top three questions we ask by people new to the secondary insurance Market one what is a life settlement it's the legal right of every life insurance policy on her to be able to sell their policy like any other asset to a new owner who will take over the premium payments and then we'll collect the death benefit years later to who qualifies most often a life settlement is for seniors over the age of 65 with a life insurance policy above $100,000 Face Value the value of a life settlement is based on reverse underwriting so the older and sicker a person is the more they'll get from a life settlement someone to younger healthy is not going to qualify for a life settlement 3 so how does a life settlement work the process of a life settlement only takes about 60 to 90 days and there are thousands of transactions completed every year policyowners 10 to receive settlement values there are approximately 4 billion dollars of Life Settlements transacted every year so now that we've answered some questions let's look at what your life settlement options might be Life Settlements provide a number of different Financial options to address the you need financial challenges of Aging a life settlement can provide a lump sum cash settlement with no restrictions on how the money is used or they can be used to fund long-term care on a tax-free basis or it can be used to maintain a reduced death benefit policy with no more premium paint or it can be used to fund an annuity to secure a guaranteed income stream for life the important thing to know is that a life settlement is a much better solution than surrendering or Worse letting a policy lapse we hope this isn't helpful information and determining if you are eligible for Life settlement for more information or to receive a three policy review please contact us

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