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Gluten Free Restaurants

Hey babes! If you are gluten free like me, you know how amazing it is to find gluten free restaurants where you can actually order ANYTHING on the menu! Eating a gluten free diet can feel very restrictive, and can even be awkward in social situations! Here is an example of a reoccurring, stressful scenario for me, as a gluten free, clean-eating health nerd: 

Squad goes out for dinner. Everyone wants to go to this cool new hip fish taco place. I head out with the squad, thinking, hey, maybe the corn tortillas will be gluten free! 

Get to the taco place, they only have flour tortillas. My friends all feel really bad (if they realize the problem at all) making me feel a little awkward. I’m like, hey, no biggie, I’ll will just eat the middle out of them! Crisis averted… until the tacos come and they only serve fried fish encased in gluten-filled batter. I awkwardly try to hide the fact that my tacos remain uneaten on my plate. My friends either 1. feel bad and won’t stop apologizing; 2. stare at my plate and remain awkwardly quiet about it while they eat their own tacos, looking like guilty puppies; 3. ask me if that much would really hurt me, and what exactly gluten does for me, which makes for very uncomfortable table talk. Pretty much, it sucks! So how can we avoid this glutinous catastrophe every time we go out with friends?? 

Gluten free restaurants are here to save the day!! In this video, I’ll show you guys my very favorite gluten free restaurant, where I can order all of my favorite gluten free foods without any worries!! I can’t go too often, because even though all of the foods are gluten free, they are not necessarily the healthiest options for everyday. ;) However, if I have been on track and eating clean all week long, grabbing some gluten free pancakes and gluten free fried chicken can be such an amazing treat! Trying gluten free restaurants with friends can be a fun way to engage with the rest of the group, without having to feel like the oddball who can’t just eat regular food. No one wants to be the Debbie downer of the group that can’t go out because of food allergies or sensitivities! 

I absolutely love trying out all kinds of gluten free restaurants. It can be tricky to find restaurants that are truly gluten free, and have a wide variety of gluten free foods. I’m sure we’ve all experienced the fake-out cheaters of restaurants that claim to have “gluten free options!!!” to get you in the door, but then when you ask them for the gluten free menu or choices, they’re like, “oh yeah, our lettuce is totally gluten free!” … :/ Laaaaaame. 

Don’t give up hope!! Search your local area for gluten free restaurants, and keep an open mind! It’s so much fun to go on a food-venture with friends, especially when you are guaranteed to be able to partake in the delicious findings. :) 

I hope you guys enjoy this video, and I wish you good luck on your own quest for gluten free restaurants near you!

Keep living that fit life, babes!



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