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Ab Workouts

Hey babes! Ready to learn how to crush your ab workouts at the gym?? I have some awesome and totally simple exercises that you can do for your core day in the gym using only one piece of equipment! Check out my video tutorial on my favorite ab workouts, and watch my simple step-by-step tips on how to work those abs without having to follow a crazy complicated routine! I like to keep things super simple when I'm at the gym. If things are too complicated I will be less likely to go to the gym as often as I need to! These workouts will target your upper abs, your lower abs, your obliques, and your core muscles all the way around into your back. Building a strong core is absolutely essential when it comes to improving and maintaining your overall fitness level and athletic capabilities!! Not only is having a strong core critical to performing your sports, athletics, or your other weight lifting activities, but it is also crucial to having a healthy skeletal structure. Everything that you do start with your court. Your balance comes from a strong core, and you cannot perform your sports without proper balance. Whenever you are powerlifting, if you do not have a strong core, you might injure yourself, or be unable to perform at your top level, no matter how strong your other muscles are. Having a strong core will keep you from developing back injuries related to improper posture, as well as increasing your strength, power, and stamina in all of your athletic activities. In my ab workouts video tutorial, I show you guys how to use my favorite piece of equipment at the gym for building a strong core! I use the captain's chair for my ab workouts, because I can build each muscle group in my abdominal and core areas, using only one machine! It is super easy to use, because it does not have any moving parts or wait settings. I love relying on my own bodyweight to build strength in my core. On the captains chair, you will draw your belly button in toward your spine as you raise your legs, or your knees, in various ways to target each muscle group and your core. Making sure to maintain proper form is critical in reaching your goals and not injuring yourself along the way. I also show you guys how to maintain proper form while performing each Avenue exercise. If you follow along with my video and use the little tips and tricks that I give you, you are sure to build a super strong core in no time! I hope that you guys find this video tutorial helpful, and that you conquer your future ab workouts like a boss! Good luck on your next gym session!! Keep living that fit life, babes! Hugs, Emmy