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How to get a smaller butt

Do squats make your butt smaller?

Genetics can be unfair - especially when it comes to where excess fat stores on your body. For some it can be on the back and middle, for others it can be on the tummy or thighs, but the absolute worst is when it’s on your butt and dieting isn’t making it go away like it has on other parts of your body - like the breasts, as many women lament. I feel hopeless, you say. Just read on!

Is my butt genetics thing?

Such is the unfairness of life, but keep in mind that human body morphology is not standardized. Case in point: not all body builders can achieve the same idealized shape or build they may desire no matter how much they train and lower their body fat percentage because each of us have muscles and bones that develop slightly differently from the next person in comparison.

How to make your butt smaller

So, if your butt is bigger than you like, don’t beat yourself up too harshly about it because your personal genetics has some say in it. The good news, however, is that with glute-focused toning exercise, you can make your butt look smaller.

According to a Q/A section of the April issue of Shape magazine, celebrity fitness trainer Jay Cardiello addresses the question, “I don’t need to lose weight, but my butt is bigger than I’d like. How can I shrink it?”

Mr. Cardiello basically points out that fat is fat and even if you don’t need to lose weight (by pound number reckoning) you may still have a high percentage of body fat that can leave you looking fatter in particular areas of the body.

His first bit of advice is to make sure that you are ridding yourself of extra body fat by following a healthy diet and burning off more calories than you take in.