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What is Clean Eating

Hey babes! A lot of you guys have been asking, what is clean eating exactly? Clean eating is a phrase that we all hear all of the time, but what exactly makes a food clean, and what are some easy guidelines that you can follow if you are trying to eat clean? In my video, I tell you guys all about what it truly means to eat clean! Clean eating is becoming a more and more popular term, because many people are starting to realize that losing weight, gaining muscle, or achieving any fitness and nutrition goals really requires a healthy lifestyle change as opposed to a quick fix of fad diet. Clean eating is not a diet that with a rigid guideline that you can check off your list. Clean eating is more of an approach to food, and being purposeful of what you are putting inside your body. So what is clean eating? I mention it all the time, (I mean, my channel is called clean eating!) but what does it really mean to eat clean?? Let’s break it down and look at a broad overview of what is clean eating! Clean eating is simply eating foods that your body can utilize, that your body recognizes as food, and that are in their most natural state possible. Many foods are chemically processed, or filled with all kinds of unnatural additives to “enhance” flavor or to preserve the food to keep it on the shelves longer. Ew! If you reach for a snack that comes in a package, it is likely that that snack is not what we would call a clean snack. If you read the ingredients, and you see a big long list, or any crazy-long words that are hard to pronounce, you definitely want to steer clear of these items!! Instead, opt for a whole, natural food that you can consume in its natural, unprocessed state. For example, a bag of chips might easily have a list of 20 ingredients, and pretty much zero nutritional value for your body! An apple, however, has only one ingredient (quite obviously), and plenty of nutrition for your body to absorb!! Sticking to whole, natural, and nutrient dense foods that your body can use for fuel and nourishment will help you eat clean, get lean, and train mean!! I hope that this video helps your guys out on your journey to learn what is clean eating, and that you can try implementing clean eating foods into your lifestyle! You will feel fresh, energetic, and your body will thank you. :) Keep living that fit life, babes! Hugs, Emmy