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Praise the King

Hi, my name is Danny Davis, and I’m a worship pastor at a church called Lake Pointe in the Dallas area, and I’m going to tell you why you have to check out this song called “Praise the King.” I first heard “Praise the King” when my friend Corey Voss played it for me. He had just recorded it for his new worship album (which has since been released), and I was excited to hear it. He wrote it with 3 other songwriters: Michael Bryce, Jr., Michael Farren, and Dustin Smith. Michael Farren produced the track, and I heard it right after they got the final mix done. I am convinced that this is an important song, and was convinced of it from the first time through. I’ve been leading worship since I was 16 years old (which was several years ago, trust me), so I’m to the point now where I have to hear a song 2 or 3 times through before I can form an opinion at all. I’ve heard SO many songs over the years that I guess it takes more to ring my bell on the first time through than it used to! Praise the King hit me right from that very first listen, and here are some of the reasons why. First of all, the opening riff is a hook all on its own, and somehow grabs you right from the first note. Then the repetitive musical phrase that makes up the verses is a perfect melody, especially paired with the lyric, “there’s a reason…” at the beginning of each line. Then when it all ends up pointing to the last line of the verse, “Jesus is alive!” it’s pretty hard not to start shouting right there! And that’s saying something for me - being raised Southern Baptist, we didn’t do a lot of shouting in church! :) When you get to the chorus, you really do want to sing “Praise the King!” as loudly as possible; then the pounding eighth-note feel of the bridge just hammers it home and powers up in a big way. This song is an anthem for the Church, and I have a feeling it will be sung for decades, all around the world. In fact, I’m opening my Easter services with it this year. My congregation already wails on it, and I’ll extend the intro and lead them in a chorus with vocals & drums only at the top, then kick in with everybody on the first verse. Do yourself a favor and watch this brilliant video, straight from the Continental Divide in Colorado. Shot and edited by creative genius Elliott Eicheldinger of Nashville, this music video is inspiring in itself. But after you watch it, click on the download links on this page - grab the charts & mp3, and then go buy the studio version from iTunes to help you with production ideas for your band. You will not be disappointed, and your congregation will latch onto it the very first time. You’ll have a hard time not wearing this one out. You’ll be so glad you listened to me!

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