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Whole Health Chiropractic

Our patients receive only the best of care. Our equipment and technology are state of the art - the most up-to-date in the history of chiropractic care - so you can know that you are getting the finest quality treatment in your chiropractic experience..

Back and Neck Pa                                                                      


Back pain, neck pain, muscular tension, and headache can interfere with your daily life. You don’t have to suffer! Many of our patients experience immediate pain relief after the first treatment. For others it is a journey, reaching a new level of relief each time they come in. Doctor Jones is dedicated to finding the root of the problem to provide compete pain relief.

“You have to have compassion.You have to listen and touch where they are hurting instead of just standing away from them. Getting close to them, touching their pain, and making sure that you have heard what they are saying.”               
                       -Doctor Teresa Jones - on treating her patients

Back Pain

Have you ever tweaked your back, causing sometimes debilitating low back pain? Or perhaps you have been injured in a car wreck and have chronic neck pain or headaches caused by muscular tension. Maybe you have sustained a sports injury that has put you out of the game. See what our patients are saying about their experiences at Whole Health Chiropractic:

“When I first came to whole Health Chiropractic, I had been suffering from low back pain for several years. I no longer suffer.”
Penny- Patient
“I was getting ready for my senior year cheer tryouts, and I had an injury. Everyone was really nice, and it was very calming to come in here. Within two to three visits Doctor Jones fixed me up and I was able to jump and tumble and do everything I needed to do for cheer tryouts on Saturday. People keep coming back, and for a good reason. Doctor Jones does a really good job and cares for he patients.”
                       - Makenzie - Patient
I did something to hurt my neck, and for some reason was not able to lift my arm above my waist. The positive energy that just surrounded [Doctor Jones] was very contagious.”
                               -Kelly -Patient
“I was getting a lot of headaches, and sometimes it was even hard to walk because it hurt so bad. Not only was she a great chiropractor, but everyone was so friendly and welcoming. I felt a little better after the first treatment, and after that it was gradually, after every treatment.”
                                        Larraine - Patient
“Low back pain, hamstring pain, just the regular cheerleader issues. Doctor Jones always has a great big smile on her face. Instantly, as soon as I got adjusted I felt so much better. Really.”
                                               Jillian -Patient
“My neck was so tense. I had osteoarthritis in my neck and in my hips. I have to tell you honestly that since I have been coming it has completely changed my life. From the first time, I would go away feeling good, which would make me want to come back again and again. I just kept getting better and better and better.”       
                                                   Linda - Patient
“ I had never been to a chiropractor before and I was curious about, so I came. It was amazing, and I’ve been coming ever since. It’s all very soothing when you come in, and it even smells like essential oils when you walk in, so I felt completely comfortable from the first time I stepped in.”         

                                                           Brittney- Patient


Holistic Healing

Whole health is what drives Doctor Jones to work endlessly, with great energy and compassion to move you toward your goal of feeing your very best. Underlying conditions that may be causing your pain will be addressed so that symptoms won’t merely be masked, but eliminated altogether, through her commitment of teaching and practicing sound chiropractic wellness care.

Doctor Jones offers frequent seminars, teaching you how to employ holistic healing therapies to find better health. She love to share her wealth of knowledge and experience so that you can partner with her in finding your best health through lifestyle changes, emotional balance, pain relief, and natural healing therapies. 

Every patient who comes through her doors is treated as an individual, not just herded quickly in and out the door. You will never feel that you haven’t been heard, or that your symptoms will not be fully addressed. You will feel special, knowing that you have received the best of care, every single time. Doctor Jones looks at the whole person, treating the root cause of your pain. Her goal is your complete health, and her patients rave about their experiences at Whole Health Chiropractic.

Doctor Jones incorporates many holistic healing methods, sometimes giving immediate relief from your pain, and sometimes providing pain relief over time. You will be hard pressed to find a chiropractor that is more knowledgable or more dedicated to you overall well being. At Whole Health Chiropractic, we offer holistic natural healing methods well beyond your expectations.

“Of course we address  patient’s pain, but our real goal is to move them towards a lasting pain-free and healthy lifestyle.”

Optimum Nutrition

Your body needs the right nutrients to combat the inflammation that causes pain and disease. We all know that we need to eat better, but our fast-paced lifestyles often make that quite a challenge. Learning exactly what to eat for your best health is extremely helpful in planning your daily meals. Even small changes can make a big difference, and

Clean Eating Plan

Without a healthy eating plan, it is difficult to provide your body with all of the nutrition it needs to be strong and full of energy. It is true that food is key to keeping your body free of disease and at a healthy weight, and it is an integral part of keeping you pain free and returning you to your optimal health.


Many people have allergy intolerances that seem to come from environmental elements, but are actually food related. Through allergy elimination techniques and support of your allergy intolerances, you can find relief from your uncomfortable symptoms. Choosing foods that fuel your body with the nutrients that will build a stronger immune system is a key part of returning to vibrant health.

 Weight Loss

One of the benefits of clean eating is returning to your healthy weight. Everyone knows that losing a few extra pounds is great for your health, but if you need a little motivation, here are a few that might spur you on.

Benefits of  Weight Loss

  •  Reduce the appearance of cellulite
  • Assists in the reduction of blood sugar levels and cholesterol
  • Decreases blood pressure
  • Increases energy levels
  • Improves skin elasticity
  • Eliminates food cravings

Optimal Nutrition Plan

Everyone has different vitamin and supplemental needs, and one diet doesn't fit all. Doctor Teresa Jones can help you discover your personal nutritional needs, and will provide you with a structured nutritional program designed to help you achieve whole health. She is a gifted doctor with a complete strategy for your total healing. You are in good hands.


The poor nutritional habits in the Western world due to the limited number of healthy food ingredients being used in the daily diet, and a variety of other factors related to industialization has increased the number of allergy problems by tenfold within the last few decades.  Most of the symptoms produced as the result of the accumulation of toxins are very similar to allergies.  Mild toxicities and food allergies will produce very discomforting symptoms such as poor digestion, gas, bloating, heartburn, headaches, fatigue, chronic mild infections and hormone imbalances. To help prevent this it is recommended to cleanse your body with a detox.”
                                                                                                       - Doctor Treresa Jones

Give your body what it needs for optimal thyroid and adrenal support. See if your body is need of detoxing to avoid or eliminate inflammatory disorders that can cause the health problems listed below.

  • Inflammatory diseases
  • cardiovascular health
  • neurodegenerative issues
  • joint health
  • thyroid underconversion patters
  • toxicity syndromes

 Health and Wellness

Doctor Jones offers complete lifestyle advice, coaching her patients toward the choices and activities that help them, and away from those that can aggravate their particular health challenges. Her goal is to see her patients vibrant and healthy, full of energy and passion to go out and live their best lives. It gives her great joy to see those under her care flourish and resume pursuing the the things they love to do with renewed energy and excitement.

Through her state of the art equipment, holistic therapies, informative classes, life coaching, encouragementconfidence building, and addiction therapies, Doctor Jones is able to see her patients thrive and lead fulfilling lives. She understands that each patient has different needs. She looks at the whole person when designing a treatment plan that will be effective and efficient. It is a collaboration between doctor and patient, and that combination brings about excellent and long lasting results.


 Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder is a condition which can cause symptoms such as hyperactivity, impulsivity, and inattentiveness. Not everyone experiences the same symptoms, and not people with these symptoms have ADHD. There can be underlying health issues causing them and, once addressed, the symptoms subside.

Doctor Teresa Jones has had much success in helping people with ADHD improve through her innovative and natural therapies. If you or your child exhibits signs or symptoms of ADHD, make an appointment for an evaluation and treatment plan. 

Emotional Balance - Depression, Anxiety, Chronic Stress

Many people suffer from brain chemical imbalances and emotional disturbances. Sometimes it is a chronic condition, and other times it is a situational condition, brought on by the stresses in your life. These disorders can be genetic, or learned from family members.Whatever the cause, Doctor Jones can help you through her holistic methods of treatment.

 Brain Chemical Imbalances

Brain chemical imbalances and emotional disturbances are not your fault and there is hope and healing for you. Many times you can be completely cured and free to live your best life. If you are experiencing any of the following, give us a call and let Doctor Jones evaluate and set up a treatment plan that will help you find healing and happiness.

  •  depression
  •  anxiety
  •  hopelessness
  •  sadness
  •  feeling stressed out all or most of the time
  •  racing and often disturbing thoughts
  •  lack of energy
  •  thoughts of suicide
  •  feeling like you are going crazy
  •  loss of interest in things you normally love
  •  feeling no one likes you
  •  lack of motivation
  •  fear of failure
  •  sleep issues
  •  weight loss or gain
  •  eating disorders
  •  relationship problems
  •  fears and phobias
  •  panic attacks
  •  worry

If you suffer from any of the above, ask about our effective natural therapies for addressing and eliminating these sometimes crippling problems. You can reclaim your vibrancy, energy, and healthy state of mind.

Take charge of your life and let Doctor Jones help set you free from the things that bind you.