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Who Should I Call First When My Roof Has Hail Damage



What Do I Do if I Have Hail Damage on My Roof in Flower Mound Tx

Once you've established that you believe you have hail damage, either old or new because it is time of discovery if you're out of town when the hail storm hit and the next thing you notice is people in your neighborhood are getting roofs, it's probably best to call your insurance company. Contact the best roofing company to work with insurance companies today to learn more!

Who Do I Call After a Hail Storm in Fate Tx

I would call the insurance company direct; it's not that you want to hide anything from your agent - the agents are very very busy and what they'll tell most homeowners is to start getting estimates.

Should I Get an Insurance Estimate for Hail Damage Repair for my Roof in Euless Tx

Getting estimates isn't always the best thing. For one thing, the insurance is paying for your roof in full; all the monies will be covered by them except for your deductible.

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Getting More Money Out of a Hail Damage Roof Claim in Ennis Tx

You want the insurance adjusters to establish the baseline pricing, not people you call for the roof inspection or to give you estimates.

My Insurance Company Won't Pay for Hail Damage to Roof in Duncanville Tx

So you want to call your insurance company directly first. If they won't pay for the hail damaged roof, you'll want to contact Siimpler Roofing to help work with your insurance company to get you the money you deserve.

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