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What is a Roofing Overlay and Do Roofing Companies Still Practice It 770-ROOFERS


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What are Overlay Roofing Systems in Lake Dallas Tx

An overlay in the industry is where the roofing company will come out and bypass the tear-off process of your older roof. The best and most trusted roofers in North Texas at Pillar Roofing do not roofing overlays; contact them today to learn more.

How to Put a Second Layer of Shingles on a Roof in Kennedale Tx

They'll lay down new felt right over your old roof and they'll start nailing the shingles right over your old roof or your existing roof. This is called an an overlay; it is a second layer of roofing.

Roof Overlay Vs Tear Off Do Roofers Still Do Roofing Overlays in Keller Tx

It is no longer legal or accepted through the codes of each city or county.

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Can You Lay New Shingles Over Old Shingles in Keene Tx

Many years ago, it was an acceptable practice, but no longer is due to weight factors, fire hazards, and other things that could come into play.

Do Insurance Companies Cover a Roof Overlay in Kaufman Tx

Mainly the insurance companies are paying you to tear off the roof and that's how they want the process to proceed.

Is a Roof Overlay a Good Idea in Joshua Tx

So if the roofer or roofing company is recommending to overlay your roof, that is something to take caution and immediately review.

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