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What is Final Expense Life Insurance Tip

Hey there! It's Ron. You know me as as the home insurance tip guy from Insurance for Texans. Today I wanted to talk briefly about a very specific kind of life insurance.

What is Final Expense Insurance?

 So here's the reality. We're all going to die. It's going to happen to me. it's going to happen to you. It even happened to Ted Williams, even though his head is frozen. The reality is, of course, were going to get there. We may not like it. We may not want to face it but it will become a reality at some point.

How Much Does Final Expense Insurance Cost?

 It is expensive. When you die there is a cost associated with getting us into the ground. For that reason there is a specific kind of insurance known as final expense. This is to take care of those matters that pop up when we do get to that inevitable point in our life where we do pass on. 

How Much Does a Funeral Cost? How do I Pay for it Ahead of Time?

There is a cost associated with the funeral home. There is the cost associated with the cemetery. There are some extraneous bills. So how can I set aside a chunk of money that will take care of those bills so they don't pass them on to my family? 

Final Expense Insurance

 We do that through final expense Insurance. If you don't have another kind of life insurance, this is special in that anybody can get it. It is guaranteed and does accumulate cash value. If you've never heard about it or if you've never thought about it, but you want to make sure that those bills are taken care of, talk with an independent agent like insurance for Texas. We can help guide you through obtaining however much you need in the best means possible so that you can provide for your family even if you're not here.

 That's today's tip for life insurance.

I'm Ron with Insurance for Texans. 

Give us a call!

We would love to help you with these kinds of processes.

Hope you have a great week!

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