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What are the Benefits of the Acai Berry?

From the depths of the Amazon comes the most beautiful and nutritious acai berry. packed with goodness, this healthful berry carries more anti oxidant punch than most any other fruit. 

How to Pronounce Acai

First, let’s learn how to pronounce it. That has been one of the most asked questions among my friends and is actually a pretty funny little project. The correct pronunciation is “ah-sah-EE”. So just go ahead and step out on that last syllable. Feels a little weird if English is your first language, but I have researched and this seems to be the way it should be said.

What are the Benefits of the Acai Berry?

This delicious berry is rich in antioxidants, polyphenols, vitamins and minerals. You can actually get all the benefits of the acai berry plus the added nutrition of 19 berries and a plant based glucosamine.
Add this acai berry juice to your favorite acai bowl or breakfast smoothie and you will be adding such great nutrition to your daily intake. Your body will thank you.

Monavie Active

My favorite way to consume the acai berry is to drink Monavie Active. Just 2 ounce every morning and 2 ounces every evening keep me feeling my best. It’s a simple and delicious way to give my body what it needs.

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