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What Are The Three Types of Fencing

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I saw the three types of benzene or saber foil and epee and right now she I'm holding a saber weapon typically these are fast action weapon they only hit from the waist up and slashing and stabbing weapon hold it right there with the handle you just hold it like this and try not to hold it like an ax you want to be able to use your finger so you can squeeze and kind of bee mobile with the blade on the guard here kind of protect your fingers and the thick part of the blade Pierce called the fourth day and then the tips you'll be called the affordable blood group I'm not sure why they called blood group goes to of it and it's part of the reason why modern Saber fencing today at the Target area is waist up because they would use these weapons on Horseback and they would slash people from the waist up so that's kind of where the historical aspect of this way comes from and I would say this is the most it's cool weapons to learn my personal opinion just because there's a lot of rules account sign in to it that would be kind of difficult to understand the phone is just starting fencing the other weapons a little bit more simplistic in the rules there's not too many restrictions with it but I would also say that this one's the most difficult to learn but also you can only have like maybe two or three seconds between each point decide what to do right and the other weapons get a little more time to think of what strategy want to do how you want to do like with the I bet you're kind of like the polar opposite you is really not really too many rules with that all get it anywhere in the body including like the toes all the way up to the head is the heaviest weapons got a big guard covers your whole hand the only stabbed with this weapon and the reason that isn't because looking button here so if you hit with like the blade itself is not going to register events electric it's just going to hurt at the press the button pretty hard for it to go off and on this one has a pistol grip sometimes different grips with this usually it's going to be shaped like a pistol or we'll just be a flat at the sabre called a French grip and same thing that thick particle Forte and like I said I could give this weapon to anyone without any previous Benson experience negative start Benson right away because you can just hit any part of the body there's no restrictions on how you can move you can just go at it and just start stabbing people and then last buffets oil mix about the smallest guard have a 3 and something like that but you got to stab but you can only in the force awake. Kind of like the sabre but you can't slash and you there's a little bit of restrictions as far as the rules go but as far as like how you move in the strip the footwork aspect of it there's no restrictions to it so I can Savor you could kind of move anywhere within that will be okay as long as you hit that torso area that's really the main restriction you had with this weapon and with this weapon it was more of a smaller that was back in the day and that wasn't really like a sidearm wasn't really like a main weapon like the epee that was used for doodling and Savor that was used for a Calvary weapon but these are all three weapons for repentance

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