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Lower Back Pain Relief

Welcome to What A Relief - Lower Back Pain Relief Protocol

What-A-Relief (W.A.R.) program provides state of the art technology combined with 150,000 clinical cases and science to give a very high positive result two users of the program. Back pain will impact 87% of Americans sometime in their life time. The W.A.R. program along with DBC health is designed provide convenient and easy access at an affordable price to back pain sufferers, giving a huge epidemic size problem an answer!

Millions of people are reported to need relief from back pain and the US government reports that back pain sufferers through the healthcare system, making it one of the largest drains in healthcare… So why would the government not get behind a program that can help consumers relieve back pain and even preventive surgery at such a significant cost  

DBC America along with the DBC protocol have over 150,000 positive results over the last 15 years so why two more people not know about this life-changing technology, and why have people not had access to it is a great question? There are several answers but the good news is What A Relief has set out to open local clinics providing easy and affordable access to this life-changing technology.

Visit a What-A-Relief Clinic in your area by calling 1-214-A-RELIEF

What A Relief Clinics

W.A.R. hopes to open 1600 clinics over the next few years to serve all the major populations in America wit the help of their "5 Star General Program" that will allow individuals with back pain to come together with other back pain suffers and open a local WAR clinic to ensure easy access.