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Weedex Lawn Care Services reviews are always a great place to start when searching for the best lawn trees and shrubs care in Dallas Tx and surrounding areas. We have been nothing but satisfied with the care we have received from Weedex Lawn Care, and we feel sure you will be happy too.

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I was just taking care of myself this morning it not really doing any fertilizing anything like that I had weeds some crabgrass and it just it wasn't really green pits itspotential she wanted to look better so we decided to try them we've never use the service before and our lawn looks 150% better than it did when I was taking care of it myself they're very nice that most the time I don't even know that they've come out until a few days later when my lawn just looks even better than it did before and our experience and great our lawn is completely different from everybody else is on the Block looks much better than everyone else's for such a nightmare kind of trying to figure out schedule and get all the stuff and you have it in your garage and you know that just didn't workprofessional and no matter what he did we kept having the men's I saw his who was treating his line and he had absolutely no weeds his grass was Green and that's basically the same kind of experience we have we had because they are locally owned they they know more about the grasses in the area the kind of weeds that we have and the weather conditions in on all of those wrapped up would make it very important that is as far as what they applied that there was a process very fire for every referral you get they get $10 off their first treatment and then we get $10 off of treatment and we kept saying you need to try weed X they were using someone else I don't know who but obviously it wasn't working so we finally got them to try weed ex and now she's so like we are

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