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Website Design Olympia

Website Design Olympia

Hi, this is Joe Willis from WillisWebs.com. I would like to talk with you about a few hypothetical business situations. In this scenarios we’ll discuss four business owners, right here in Olympia. Although they all have businesses to run – they are constantly thinking about their websites and online presence. Each one has a different type of business and each of them sees the problem a little differently. At WillisWebs.com I offer a full range of support to help each of them.

Jack needs a new a website in Olympia.

Meet Jack. Jack, is the owner and the only full time employee in his shop. He already has a website and it was cutting edge. Back in 2009. Now he wants a fresh look, perhaps to do online sales around the world from his website in Olympia. He doesn’t have a Facebook page or twitter or any other social media platform and he definitely wants to leverage it more. But doesn’t have time to set it up. Jack needs a full solution from the ground up…. This is how I can help, Jack. I can build him a full site based on his content and inspiration from sites that he likes. Of course, his site will have an original look and feel of its own – but we’re all inspired b something. I can get him plug and play ready on social media sites that are appropriate for his industry. Remember, not every social media platform is equally appropriate for every industry. I say equally – because I believe that every business should have some sort of presence on every platform. Then I can ensure his site is SOE strong and offer on-gong SEO support. Jack is ready for website design Olympia.

Jill wants to design her own website in Olympia

Jill doesn’t have a website yet but she knows exactly what she wants and has a lot of time to do it on her own. She’s just not sure how to get started. Jill uses Facebook and twitter all the time, but needs help setting up a company page. She needs a full solution but she’s ready to tackle the project by herself. Here’s how I’d help, Jill. First, I’d help her get her domain name registered and a hosting account set up. Then I’d train her on how to manage a WordPress site on her own. I have 2, 4, and 6 hour programs ready for her to choose from. I would help her set up her own social media platforms. As part of the WordPress training she would learn about SEO to make sure she’s checking all of the boxes. Of course I would also offer her ongoing SEO support to ensure her new site has the best advantage possible.

Bob wants to publish a blog in Olympia

Bob is a writer. He’s published several articles and is working on a book. Bob wants a blog and just needs a little help getting started. Publishing a blog is a lot like designing a website so, just like the way I would help, Jill I can help Bob get his Blog up and ready. I can help him leverage social media and ensure his blog is SEO compliant so his potential readers can find him easily. I can also help bob determine monetization strategies to make money advertising on his pages. Clearly I can help Bob with his needs for website design Olympia.

Joe wants more traffic to his website in Olympia

Joe is an executive for a major multi-state company. He has almost 200 employees and his website is top-notch! However, Joe is in a very competitive market. His competition is paying top-dollar for advertising both on and offline and Joe is looking for a strategy to compete for the top place on search engines. For companies like Joe’s we offer stand-alone SEO support. We have the ability to channel a lot of SEO power to a website that is optimized properly. We can help Joe optimize his site and then provide ongoing SEO support. We also have the ability to provide Joe with fresh content to keep his site constantly moving forward.

How do I get started with website design Olympia?

Contact me at www.williswebs.com

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