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can you imagine giving your children a cup of this water knowing that they will be sick after drinking it what about living without hope for your future never experiencing God's love in your life I'd like to welcome you to the bucket Ministry and meeting these two needs is the heart of our organization the bucket Ministry is comprised of a passionate group of ordinary people from many different churches many different countries and many different walks of life but we all have the same mission to share God's love to the gift of Clean safe drinking water most of us take clean water for granted but don't understand the global Water Crisis consider this fact published by the World Health Organization globally 884 million people do not have access to clean and safe water sources our mission includes working alongside domestic and international Mission groups churches and other organizations to use clean water filtration as a tool for sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ this water filter is easily attached to any bucket or receptacle and when used properly it will produce at least 1 million gallons of Clean safe drinking water free of bacteria and parasites for the average family one filter will last at least 20 years or more and it's not only simple and long-lasting but also very affordable we can provide a filter a bucket and anti parasite medicine for an entire family along with a Bible for $50 or less since beginning or work in the Brazilian Amazon the bucket Ministry has partnered with other Ministries in Kenya hating Guatemala Nigeria Uganda South Africa Ethiopia and Peru and we believe there will be many more opportunities in the future there are many ways to become involved with the bucket Ministry it's as simple as sharing the story with friends and family or perhaps sponsoring a family or Village in need of safe clean water we encourage you to visit the bucket ministry.org for many more exciting details this filter is a great tool to share the love of God with this simple tool we can address the physical needs of many people in change the health of entire Villages overnight this filter also provides an opportunity to share our faith as many people that received this filter are very open to hearing about the Living Water that only comes from a relationship with Jesus Christ for us clean water without the gospel only delays the inevitable