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Danny Davis


Incline is a digital optimization platform; the result of 15+ years and literally millions of dollars of research and development. It’s built from the ground up as a super-optimizer for your online presence - truly a new paradigm in digital optimization. 


Incline will take whatever you do online and optimize it, giving you more impressions, more views, and ultimately, more profit from your online presence; whether it’s a website, a YouTube channel, a blog, or any other online entity.  


Incline’s optimization is video-based, because we strongly believe that video is the future of the internet. So as you post videos and supporting content on Incline, Incline works its magic on each post; helping that page, your website, your YouTube, your business, or whatever you link to, get found in searches. And, you don’t have to be a “video person” to take advantage of the Incline Platform, you just need at least 1 video, which we can help you with if you need us to. 


Incline will work for you no matter how much time and effort you choose to put into your online presence. Of course, the more you put into it, the more you'll get out of it. So here are few tips that will help your incline happen more quickly, and build more momentum.

• Post content regularly, both on Incline and your site. You can embed Incline videos directly into your website or blog.

• Support each Incline video post with an article of hopefully 1000 words, but a recommended minimum of 400.

• Include a picture on every post.

Incline is not a magic pill that you take one time and all your ranking woes disappear. You have to keep adding new, fresh, great content on a regular basis. But when you do that on Incline, and link it to your website or other online presence, you'll start to see your site showing up more often & higher in the results, organically, in keyword searches on any search engine.

Thanks for checking out Incline! Feel free to watch as many of these informational and training videos you want to watch - you can find more here, as well as on your own dashboard; then jump in and start your own Incline. You'll be amazed!    

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