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Stem Cell Injections, Treatment Protocols, Options and Cost

Hello and welcome to the stem cell therapy overview this video was going to do a couple things it's going to provide you a brief overview of what stem cells are an introduction to stem cells the options of today's society and what the treatment options are available to you things you need to know and consider before treatment during treatment and after treatment as well as cost.

What are Stem Cells?

Stem cells by God's design have the remarkable potential to develop into many different cell types in the body in early stages and growth in addition many tissues they serve as sort of an internal repair system or a dividing system essentially Without Limits to replenish other cells as long as a person as stem cells alive in their body and where do they sells come from no first of all we do not use aborted babies or kill babies for the stem cells and today's environment most clients will pick from one of the four following options boneArrow or fat from your own body so you'll basically take your own cells the doctor will run them through a centerfuige an internal lab and then injecting back into this is a typically a multiple visit process then the next level above that would be called expanded where they do the same thing then they actually ship those cells to a lab or the expanded or cultured over several weeks to make them increase in quantity and then typically you have to go to another part of the world 2 actually have those injected and in the last is umbilical that basically is where there is a consenting mother who has a live birth a healthy birth be a cesarean that was pre-qualified pre-tested pre-screen and then the cells are actually extracted from the umbilical cord blood or the umbilical cord itself and not then is processed or actually ran to the centrifuge clean and thenback into you so those are the four options that in this day in this environment people are choosing to use for their stem cell that you understand

What are my stem cell options?

now the hoh with over 200 conditions either being treated or research for different protocols they're pretty simple it's either an injection into a hotspot and IV drip or it is actually I'm drops or scaffolding which are very futuristic and coming but definitely researchers are working on all of those things but 65% of the people now tend to be going to the umbilical cord injections for the majority of what we are seeing today and either research or live treatments a few things you'll need to know or ask your doctor if you are going to get a umbilical injection would be the viability of the product or did the lab send a viable product once it was cryo Frozen to -81 and then it's rethought actually at DQlike before injection what is the post-op viability that's very important you're hoping that that's going to be over 70 to 80% before you get treated because that is something that will increase your success another thing I want to ask is this  or the lab that sent the product is it fda-registered and is it a clean 10 facility to ensure stability for your product another question that we get is is it safe is it legal is it right for me and the answer to that is first of all we're not doctors here nor are we attorneys so what we believe is your Healthcare is between you and your provider so you need to check with your provider to ensure this is right for you and your condition exosomes are cutting-edge very new finds been around forever but they are micro RNA and they actually maybe the signaling cells for the stem cells to do their work and scientists and doctors are seeing the results and or doing research in regards to using exosomes to help point or guide the success and or how the cells or the stem cells actually do their work so this is very cutting-edge very new many doctors don't even know about this yet but maybe a question for you if your condition is one that needs very fine precise guidance so now the question is what do I do next many people know that they need to consult a doctor I would recommend Consulting a doctor that has experience with stem cells than you probably need to do your blood work and then you would probably want to do a marker test to make sure it's right for you and there may even be some trials out there that you might qualify for

Stem Cell Costs?

now the last question we're going to answer is cost and that's really going to depend on the doctor you choose the location you choose the protocol the condition are getting treated most of this is not covered by insurance we have not seen insurance policy covering stem cells if you want to use your own stem cells and you want to have a liposuction procedure or an extraction that is probably going to cost you anywhere from $7,500 to $18,000 depending on the doctor in the location in the protocol and how many treatments you're going to need if you want to actually have those same cells expanded then you're probably going to have some travel cost cuz you probably have to try out of all outside of your country to actually get those implanted back in if you want to do the umbilical a single visit May cost you anywhere from $3,900 to $7,500 again you may need multiple shots that cost me very there depending on the location as well as the doctor in the protocol that you're getting used or the condition you're getting treated the prices are going to bury their too so we recommend giving our Network a call and we'll be happy to connect you with the doctor that can help you and hopefully get all the answers exactly for you and your condition so thanks for watching our overview hopefully it answered some of the questions that you might have we suggest if you do have more questions please connect with a doctor in our Network you can do that by calling 972-800-6670 and speaking to a patient coordinator or you can always visit us at I stem cell. Com thanks for taking time to be with us today we look forward to serving you