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hi I'm dr. David Allen handsome as you know me is dr. Dave but all of you know how passionate I am about stem cells I practice regenerative medicine 9 miles from DC and it successfully treated FBI CIA Homeland celebrities professional athletes and children for many things from arthritis two more life-threatening conditions for every decade now stem cell therapy has been helping treat chronic pain patients to a better life less Reliant my medications I've seen positive results for conditions like asthma back pain Crohn's stem cells are designed to find their way to the areas and inflammation in your body that need the most help regenerative medicine helps with aging quality of life and even removing people from organ transplant list it has successfully treated over a hundred conditions and has kept countless people out of the operating room regenerative medicine is the future of healthcare and not for everyone so scared consultation today to see if it is right for you why wait don't suffer any longer skid consultation today stay well

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