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Electrical Medicine and Stem Cells for Regenerative Medicine

is dr. Darcy Brown we're going to give you the five biggest treatments that you're going to start doing in your clinic with every patient you're going to start with your device turning it on you guys know this turning down on the side it goes to the default of relax assess your first treatments going to be vagus nerve treatment or little wings select the acute point you going to put it at the base of their neck right in front of the Trap and I'll be turning on and off and it will having sensation and you want to find the area where it's tingling up behind their ear noticed I'm holding the one and you find that area where it gets contraction and you're going to do three to five contractions on this side he wanted to be fairly strong and you're going to go to the opposite side and do the exact same thing you want to make sure that you see the shoulder draw up kind of like he's doing there as it treats this is a treatment for every patient if they have shoulder pain there's a technique leaving it on the acute setting ask them where the pain is if he points to that area right there under the course on the skin here you're going to put it in hold it in that area for 30 seconds once it's done 30 seconds there you do the exact same location on the opposite side before you treat you want to have them do range of motion where they're going to raise their arm before they treat when you finish have them raise their arm again and usually they'll go from somewhere around here too much higher and range of motion ask them where the pain is next and you chase that pain so if he raised his arm and it went from here to here treat for 30 seconds here when do 30 seconds on the opposite side and retest that range of motion again keep treating and tell you get that release in that range of motion okay that's the next thing you're going to do is a process called painting if we were to be on his shoulder or neck you bring it in on the device too deep stim bring the power level up to where it's moderately strong and painting literally is moving along the joint you will find or along the spine you will find areas where it's sticks or seems to grab that means there's lost the function there you have two choices you can either paint back and forth in that area or you can hold it in position if this were the spine we have your twist this way if this were the spine are the shoulder and we were on the skin just paint in the area and find the hot spots I had a patient this morning and shoulder pain I paint it up and down and there was a spotted stock then you move to the next spot and it'll stick what we don't want to do is even spin Mac you don't want to get stuck into the protocols guys what happens if you just go how do I do this how do I do that you lose what you're trying to do find area of pain if it's his shoulder and I want to treat it do the vagus nerve do that 30 second treatment if he's still not better Just massage it fine where it sticks and when you find those sticky spots hold them and treat them and that's going to get you the results you're looking for within the first visit those patients are going to feel better you tell him to stand up and walk in the walk better and that will get you started in your clinic so you know how to use the device after that we can go into the more detailed things on the altar but start with these get it going in your clinic and get those results today and stem cell information