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Tipey Tips

Social Tipping by Tipey.Tips

Tipey will revolutionize the tipping industry by leveraging technology, big data and social media in a way to make tipping more convenient and more enjoyable. Our research shows that there are several reasons people say they don't tip, and a few we believe are truths even if they don't want to admit it. Our goal was to eliminate those barriers to tipping, provide new ways to tip and make it more enjoyable gaming it with social media.

Why people don't tip?

We all know that poor service in a resturant is a reason not to tip, so we are not talking about that. We are talking about the millions of other opportunities that go un-tipped.

Top 10 reasons people don't tip

-The opportunity did not exist -Not sure if it was acceptable -They did not take credit card tips -Service was not in person -Did not want to tip share with every one, just 1 person -Wanted to do it at a later date -Did not want the business owner to take the tip -Forgot (it actually happens, and you can now go back and do it) -Pride -Could not afford Well great news, other than bad service Tipey can help with all those situations. Here are some great examples.

When to use Tipey

-As the founder of Tipey, we visit SONIC several times a week. I DO NOT CARRY CASH, so when I pay with my credit card they do not allow me to add on a tip. I feel bad, and that is really what started this whole thing. After doing some research many businesses don't allow for tipping and here we are today with Tipey. -Technical Support Person who helped you over the phone, and went way above and beyond the call of duty. You just search their business name, location find the employee and TIP them. Yes, they will love it, because for all their hard work they have probably never been tipped. -You child teacher -The steward on the plan. They have stopped taking cash, and they don't allow for tips on their swiper. -The nurse who does all the work at the doctors office you use. -The kid who does your lawn -The musician at your local hangout -The retail worker who help you. -The staff at the nursing home taking car of your family member states away. I would say the list goes on, and on....In fact their are as probably as many reasons to tip as their are opportunities to just do something nice for someone else. We believe we can take the "Pass it forward" feeling, and socialize it to help change the world one tip at a time.

Cool Tipey Features

1) You can include a note to help brighten someones day! 2) You can pre-fund your account and set a budget so you reach your tipping goals 3)The app will help you track your tipping habits, and allow you to report for tax reasons. 4)It will keep your "FAVORITES" at the top to make it easier to tip your regulars!

Biggest Tipper

We have also added a fun feature called the BIGGEST TIPPER BOARD, this will be for those big tippers who really want to go the extra mile, and let everyone know it. We all know you are out there, and our challenge to you it its time to let the whole world know that all the blessing that have been given to you, you are actually giving back to those around you. If your a CEO of a fortune 500 company: Your support staff, your lawn care people, your delivery driver.....it's time to give back. If you are a celebrity: Its time to give back to your crew, your fans, those who make sure you have everything you need......I have read where Johnny Depp is one of the best tippers, he actually left a $4000.00 tip on a $4400.00 bill...thats awesome and we want everyone to know you are that kind of guy. So no matter who you are, or what your motives are, you can leverage the power of social tipping in a whole new way, and help us change the world one tip at a time.

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