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Partial Roof Replacement and Repair that Wouldn

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Roof Repair and Replacement After Hail Storm in The Colony Tx

What happens in the industry is what's called sloping. Your roof has many slopes; the insurance company may select the ideal to replace certain slopes. Let's say your roof is very steep and the west side got pummeled with large hail and the north side has absolutely no damage. What they'll do is pay to have all the ridge caps taken off that borders the two slopes. They'll replace the damaged slope and then pay to have new ridge cap put on. So standing on one side of your house, the roof looks perfect and on the other side it looks like it did prior to the storm with your old shingles on it. It's the best method to apply the slope - putting new shingles in the middle of a slope with old shingles is a aesthetically unpleasing and it's not something that we recommend or that the insurance companies are going to regularly do. With that said, if you have wind damage and shingles are flipping up and cracking, a lot of times they will pay to replace certain shingles which is going to create a bit of aesthetic unpleasantness, but the insurance companies might battle with you that your policy does not cover color coordination; so check your policies on that. Pillar Roofing is the best commercial and residential roofing company in North Texas for roof repair and replacement.


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