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I saw the three types of benzene or saber foil and epee and right now she I'm holding a saber weapon typically these are fast action weapon may I only hit from the waist up and slashing and stabbing weapon hold it right there with the handle you just hold it like this and try not to hold it like an axe you want to be able to use your finger so you can squeeze and kind of bee mobile with the blade on the guard here kind of protect your fingers and the thick part of the blade Pierce called the fourth day and then the tips you'll be called the affordable how much blood goes to of it and it's part of the reason why modern Sabre fencing today at the Target area is waist up because they would use these weapons on Horseback and they would slash people from the waist up so that's kind of where the historical aspect to this button come from and I would say this is the most it's cool weapons to learn my personal opinion just because there's a lot of rules that kind of time into it that would be kind of difficult to understand the phone is just starting fencing the other weapons a little bit more simplistic in the rules there's not too many restrictions with it but I would also say that this one's the most difficult to learn but also you can only have like maybe 2 or 3 seconds between each point decide what to do right and the other weapons a little more time to think of what strategy when I do how you want to implement

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