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Roof Maintenance Tips to Help Prevent Future Damage to Your Roof 770-ROOFERS




Getting a New Roof What to Expect in Mesquite Tx

Once your roof's installed, a brand new roof has a lot of its flashings installed by a mason. These are the people that are putting your brick facade on and building your chimney. Pillar Roofing is the master roofing company in North Texas to help you with your new roof.

What is a Roof Flashing and How are Roof Flashings Installed in Melissa Tx

The flashings that are custom-made are actually mortared into that rock and brick work. So once they're finished, the roofing contractor will come in and the roof gets installed around those - under and over in a weaving fashion.

How Long do Roof Flashings Last in Mansfield Tx

Most of those flashings are good to go for the length of your home (within reason); it's the other flashings that are put on during a reroof: the boot flashings around your plumbing PVC pipes, any of the flashings that go in the valley areas, or the flashings that are around your turbines or your vent pipes or HVAC.

Best Roof Flashing Material in Little Elm Tx

Those are put into place with a moisture barrier; they're nailed on and then they're cocked and sealed.

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How Long Does Exterior Caulking Last in Lindale Tx

Most caulking is only going to last two to five years, depending on weather conditions.

How Often Should I Have My Roof Inspected and Maintained in Lewisville Tx

It's best to have a roofing company come out and do maintenance from time to time - every two years is recommended, since the sun and the rain and in our climate in North Texas is so intense.

Roof Maintenance on a Regular Basis in Lancaster Tx

You have to do maintenance on some of these sealed items that are up there or you will run into problems.

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