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Rockwall Roof Repair

Hail Damage leads to Roof Repair in Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Mississippi

Call 1-469-535-ROOF

We are hearing the question "now what?" because our friends, family members and co-workers live in the area where the last big hail storm hit. If your home has been damaged by hail, you need to call your insurance company. If you don't think it has been hit because you can't see any damage, but you see that your neighborhood is crawling with adjusters and roofers, you probably have damage and just don't know it. The video above shows all levels of damage, so protect your biggest investment and call your insurance company! You don't want a leaky roof to cause thousands of dollars worth of damage because it was not repaired. FACT: If you do not fix your roof, or call the insurance company and let it go, you may expose your family to huge liability. If your roof leaks in the future and causes $30,000 in damage to your home; or leaks cause black mold that may cost $75,000 to fix and the original cause was an un-repaired roof, your insurance company could blame you and refuse to pay for the damages because you did not do your part in preventing further damages.

Here are a list of contractors we have put together in the impacted areas around north Texas:

Frisco Texas Roof Repair

If you are in the Dallas metroplex and you need a roofer, call 1-469-535-ROOF for a free estimate.

Roofing crews in the following area:

  • Rockwall Texas Roof Repair
  • Rowlett Roofers
  • Frisco Texas Hail Damage Experts
  • McKinney
  • Dallas
  • Heath
  • Sunnyvale
  • Forney
  • and the entire DFW area. Call 1-469-535-ROOF

If your a roofer and want to get added to this list give us a call 972.800.6670

Rowlett Texas Roof Repair

We have a friend working in Rowlett, so if you need a roofer, give us a call for a recommendation!
Rockwall Texas Roof Repair Contractors

Rockwall Roofing Contractors