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hey this is Evan went Super Fitness and I want to take a minute to explain to you the idea behind simpler Fitness I'm really in my years of coaching as a personal trainer as a fitness professional which is a nutrition specialist what I found is that a lot of the options available to you the client were so focused around the trainer being someone that has struggled with my own fitness journey into you showing me that if the focus is not on you and maximizing your individual efforts they really it's going to delete the discouragement and ultimately failure leaving you searching for something else time after time with just really a discouraging result I'm so I have brought together the things that I've learned really an effort to make it as specific as possible to you simply Fitness to me should be something that is simplified on your end I should be able to guide you through the process and make everything that you do and all the while focusing on where you are in your current abilities big picture want to make sure that you're doing things that make you the best version of yourself not some cheap imitation of someone else as I said do not struggle my own Fitness level in my own nutritional kind of ups and downs so I know what it's like and I know the importance of following something that specific to me and with this whole process I would like to maximize the efforts in the intention that you put in making everything that you do you're the greatest return so I thank you for taking this time and listening to what Super Fitness is and I welcome you to join me on the price

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