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Enjoy today's training on the Fab Four: Lead Generating Questions

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Hey team Incline! Andrea here to cover the topic of today's video: The Fab Four - Lead Generating Questions.

If you're watching this video, you're probably brand new to the team and are wondering how to approach businesses and get them interested in hearing about the amazing service that we have to offer. Well, to that I say, welcome to Team Incline - you’ve come to the right place! Or perhaps you're an existing team member and you're taking a refresher course to sharpen your skills… To you, I say welcome back and thank you for your commitment to growth and personal development! 

In today's video, we're going to cover two guidelines to follow when meeting with a prospective client, as well as the Fab Four: 4 questions that will help you book more appointments and close more sales. If you’re here for a refresher course, you can simply skip forward to 3:25 in the video to go directly to the 4 questions.

Alright, so let's get to it! When you're reaching out to a business for the first time - especially if it's a cold lead - you’re only going to have about 30 seconds to pique their interest, so it's very important that you make every second count, because you may not get a second chance. The best way to make them count is to go in prepared, and you can do that by following two simple guidelines: 

Guideline #1: BAMFAM

BAMFAM means to Book A Meeting From A Meeting. Despite what you thought, the goal of the first contact is not to make a sale - it's to book another meeting. In this meeting, you're simply gathering information and piquing interest to see if this prospect can qualify to be a potential client. You know we've all heard the phrase that "time is money," and the last thing that you want to do is spend 10 minutes giving your entire spiel, only to find out that you can't even do business with that person. 

So, remember: the goal is to work smarter, not harder. How do you do that? By applying: 

Guideline #2: Ask, Don't Tell

Odds are, most people that you interact with can recall an unpleasant experience that they’ve had with the salesperson. If you ask them what made that experience unenjoyable, you'll probably hear them describe the experience as the salesperson being pushy or overly talkative; maybe they were more focused on seeing what they can get from you, instead of what they could give to you. So, it's easy to avoid these pitfalls if you get into the habit of asking questions.

The Power of Questions

Asking questions provides multiple benefits:

    1. It puts you in the position of the listener, which helps to build rapport and trust. People like people who listen.

    2. It helps to qualify the prospects. The right questions, like the ones I'll be sharing shortly, will help you determine whether the services that you have to offer will even benefit the prospect.


     3.It gets your prospect involved. We’re building, potentially, lifelong relationships; people buy things that they want and need from people that they know and trust. Starting the relationship with questions creates a two-way dialogue that allows you to better understand the needs of your potential client and allows the potential client to feel heard and understood. 

The Fab Four

Now that you understand that you're booking a meeting by asking questions, you're ready to know what those questions are. They’re going to be referred to as the Fab Four. As the name implies, there are only four simple questions to memorize, to identify prospects as future clients and secure your next meeting at the same time. 

Without further ado, let's role-play through the Fab Four.

Question # 1. Does your company have an online presence?

    Most business people will say “yes.” That leads us to:

Question # 2: Does it generate income for you?

    You might hear “yes.”

Question # 3: Would you like for it to generate more income?

    I would hope most people would say “yes.” That leads you to:

Question # 4: If I can show you a way to generate more income, through an increased online presence, with little to no effort on your part, and with results in as little as 90 days, would that be worth 10 minutes of your time?


    Now hopefully at this point, the potential clients are going to say yes; and there you have it! Now you're ready to get out there and start booking appointments and closing sales. 

Downloads and Follow-ups

Check out the link above to access the flowchart, or click here, and make sure to watch the follow up video where I’ll cover exactly how to book those appointments when the potential client answers “yes” to question four. Here's a hint: it involves more questions!

Thanks for tuning in, and I'll see you next time!

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