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Am I Covered if My Tree Falls on My Neighbors House Insurance for Texans Tip of the Day

My Tree Falls On My Neighbors House

Hey there! It's Ron, and I've got today's home insurance tip from insurance for Texans.

If my tree falls in your yard and hits your home, who's responsible for cleaning it up?

 Now when you talk about specifically about home insurance, the liability of the damages that are result of that come down very very clearly. If the tree was healthy and considered to be in good shape and properly maintained, and if it fell completely at as an accident ( that be wind) or it just fell over (that would be considered an act of God by the home insurance company) and the home that it fell on would be responsible for cleaning that up and repairing the property.

 Their insurance company would actually take care of that rather than the owner of the tree. However if the tree was damaged and rotted and considered to be in disrepair and then subsequently fell, that homeowner would be liable because they had no not taking care of their own situation.

 So you want to keep an eye on your trees. The thing that we will tell you is that even though it may be that other person's responsibility, you should be a good neighbor help him clean it up. Work on the debris removal. Pay the deductible for them. Split the deductible. Find ways to make your neighborhood better.  

 The ultimate responsibility of any damage that is a result of a tree that happens to fall in somebody else's yard comes down to the health of the tree and where it lands.

 I'm Ron that's today's home insurance tip.

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