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This highest standard acai berry juice is loaded with amazing antioxidants and nutrition that will help you live your best life. We are excited to tell you that Monavie Active is back, in its original and improved form.

This superior acai berry juice, Monavie, is an innovative blend of 19 fruits, including the Brazilian açai berry. This precious purple acai berry has many benefits for your body, and will help you enjoy the energy you desire to put that pep in your step.

Benefits of Acai 

Helps support joint mobility and flexibility*

Helps maintain a healthy range of motion*

Offers antioxidant protection against free radicals


 We are excited to give you the opportunity to live your best life, body, mind, and spirit. We also believe this could be the business you have been looking for give you that extra financial boost you are needing.

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Help the economy.

It seems the mere mention of that phrase conjures up a negative connotation these days. Words like recession, crisis, unemployment, underemployment, decline, etc., inevitably follow.

Something drastic needs to change so that words like hope, surplus, boom, prosperity, and affluence can follow a discussion of the economy again.

Those of us in the direct selling industry know that the powerful business model we’re a part of can be a huge solution to growing economic instability that is fueled by widespread unemployment. And not surprisingly, experts, including the media, are realizing that direct sales offers a legitimate answer to the growing global unemployment epidemic. All kinds of businesses are turning to direct marketing. find some of our other businesses at Siimpler.

At MonaVie, we’re proud to be leading the way in educating people all over the world about the merits of direct selling as a means to elevate people from every walk of life and most every socio-economic circumstance imaginable.

This isn’t just a theory for us. We’ve seen the results in the lives of more than one million consumers and distributors in 17 countries during the past six years. From Canada and Thailand to Australia and Israel, MonaVie is meeting the universal need of people all over the world to have an opportunity to make a living, provide for their family, and belong to an organization that is changing their lives and circumstances—and offering them the chance to provide the same opportunity to others.

Consistent with our mission to help people live a more meaningful life, MonaVie has taken the lead in partnering with influential organizations that are confronting issues threatening the peace and security of our planet. MonaVie is at the center of a movement that is revolutionizing traditional business models and quietly offering renewed hope and opportunity to millions.

So, in a world where one billion people will never be employed, it is possible that direct selling and, of course, MonaVie are not only an answer, but possibly the answer.


Loaded with amazing antioxidants and nutrition that will help you live your best life, we are excited to tell you the Monavie Active is back, in its original and improved form.