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Mo Hamza's Channel | Incline

Mo Hamza's Featured Video

Letter from Rob

Director: Moataz Hamza 

Cinematography and Editing: Brandon Hendricks 

Featuring: Haneef "Young Hollywood" Munir

I'm not one to shed tears easily but I must admit that many tears were shed in the process of making this video. When Haneef aka Young Hollywood contacted me to do a project for him I agreed without any idea of what to do. After almost a week and a half of going over multiple ideas none of them seemed right. Then one day it hit me, what would Robert Ellis say to Haneef now that Rob was gone since they were almost inseparable at times, true best friends.  What would Robert write in a letter to us from heaven. In order to provide true authenticity to the letter, I told myself you only get one shot at this. I pushed the record button on my phone and literally began recording. The words just came out. Although I did not share the same closeness Rob and Haneef shared, throughout high school Rob and I hung out all the time. It feels as if it it was yesterday that he was over having dinner with my parents and I. After the first attempt I listened to it over 100 times, each time I felt like some one else was speaking I felt as if God wanted me to do this, it felt like Robert needed his story out there. Which then led to the "Letter from Rob". A tribute to a lost friend. I love you Rob and thank you for everything, take care my friend see you soon. Please feel free to share and repost. I hope this touches you on the same level it touched me and everyone involved. Thank you for watching.

Music: "Message For The Queen" and "Goodbye My Love" by the very talented Tyler Bates

Rest in Peace Robert, gone but never forgotten

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