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Spine Functional Restoration Program

Lower back Pain Spine Functional Restoration Program

Chronic lower left back pain is a topic that all too many medical professionals can relate to.

Unfortunately, evidence shows that after an initial episode of lower back pain, the chances of a

repeat episode are greater than 60% - even after treatment.

Stabilizing structures of the spine

The stabilizing structures of the spine begin to atrophy shortly after lower back pain starts.

Current acute treatment methods do not provide the stabilizing structures adequate

adaptation to return to their normal functionality. Long-term or lasting improvements are

rare, and for most patients – just a temporary means of relief.

Scientific evidence

However, scientific evidence documents that a different type of treatment is much more

effective. Early restoration of spine function through repetitive movements, gradual loading,

and isolation has proven to be the most effective long-term treatment for lower back pain.

DBC Active Spine Care® is this published revolutionary spine functional restoration program,

praised by physicians and scientists globally for providing a successful outcome in 90% of the


Lower Back Pain Relief Success

Over 150,000 patients have successfully undergone the DBC Active Spine Care®

protocol, in over 120 clinics globally.

DBC Active Spine Care® not only provides patients with long-term relief, but has also

documented to significantly reduce employer costs, from hospital claims to expensive spine

surgeries, therapy treatments, medications and more.

To find out how you can have an exclusive DBC Active Spine Care® clinic as part of your

clinical practice or business, contact us today!

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