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Hair Detox Shampoo

Hair Detox Shampoo

Monat is a hair detox shampoo.  It works to pull off all the toxins placed by other products.  Monat has no toxins, so no parabens, no sulfates, no silicones.  It is a naturally based ingredients that work together to provide the perfect nutritional formula for your hair and scalp.  The active ingredients are Capixly, Procataline and Crodasborb.  

What makes MONAT special?!? It contains all natural ingredients, no toxins!

Powered with Red Clover Extract, a gentle emollient that reduces scalp inflammation, strengthens and thickens hair, and hydrates the scalp to stimulate natural, noticeable hair growth.
Features Pea Extract, a rich source of secondary metabolites, which deliver healthy nutrients to promote hair growth, reduces the production of the (DHT) hormone that contributes to hair loss, plus powerful antioxidants to combat premature thinning, as well as protect color and shine.

A powerful formula that packs an intense defense against oxidative stress, protects from the sun’s damaging rays and resultant UVB damage, Crodasorb™ also preserves hair’s natural pigmentation and keeps strands stronger.

When you begin to use Monat, you may experience detox.  This can be heavy, dry, oily or straw like hair.  What is happening is that Monat is working to remove toxins. Not everyone experiences detox.  It depends on which products you have been using.  If you have been using silicone based products that are intended to make the hair appear shiny, this is for appearance only and does nothing to improve the health of you hair.  The silicone coats the hair and when Monat removes the silicone what you see is your actual hair. Often times, it looks like straw because the silicone is very drying. Don't panic because there is a simple Monat solution.  You need a deep conditioning treatment with Monat Replenish Masque and Rejuvenqe Oil.  The combination of these two products left on the hair for a deep conditioning treatment for at least 20 minutes will improve the integrity and health of the hair immediately.  The molecular structure of the Rejuveniqe Oil is so small that it is absorbed by the scalp and the hair.  It is not sitting on the surface, but actually penetrating to provide nutrition.

Anti Aging Hair Care Products

Monat has created the first anti aging hair products with no toxins that promotes growth.  The company celebrated their third year in business and are exploding with success because of the need for anti aging hair products. The beauty industry as a whole is an $81 billion dollar industry and approximately 40% of this industry is related to hair care.  Monat has no competition in the anti aging no toxin hair care industry.