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I'm Emmy, one of the co-founders here at Kūlana Co! I just wanted to be the first ones to say congratulations, because you've been officially selected to be a Kūlana Co brand ambassador! Okay guys, I am so pumped. I'm excited for us to continue to grow together to grow our brand grow are all of our social media presences, and you know, just be able to share and inspire other people with stories and help everyone you know travel the world and reach their travel dreams! First off guys I have been waiting to announce this for y'all I'm so excited that it's finally ready so you know as you guys know my main goal is to try to not only you know send you guys some free travel swag and stuff officially rep the brand on your social media isn't all that but also to get you guys be able to go on free trips safe travel for free and get paid so I've been working on lots of ways that we can maybe make that happen and the first one is finally ready to announce so we've teamed up with our parent company incline and for the first opportunity you guys coming up for is the 2018 ambassadors incentive trip okay I am so pumped for this because like I said you don't have to sell anything and you don't have to work while you're on the trip ending Go for free if your if your brand ambassador and you can any qualified it's going to be so much fun we're all going to be there guess where it is we're going to the Western Caribbean all-expenses-paid it's such a great time for all of us to you know meet each other in person and you know really I don't know if she's going to be awesome so here's how you get to qualify to go for free and get paid at the same time so we have a team of marketers obviously a parent company but you know not everyone is a sales person so in order for you guys to qualify for this trip all you have to do if you have like maybe an aunt or uncle or like your friend's dad or anyone that you know in your town or if you can want to go to businesses if you don't have anyone's contact information at a business that you think might be able to use what incline does what we do what we are business development company will you help them go online and all that stuff and I'll have that information little blurb we typed up for you guys make it super easy to explain you have to sell it at all you just say my company I work for the new tech startup and and they might be able to help you grow your business as I hate they call you in anyway I have to do what you said not to us we have a little form we made you can submit it to us it on Quantico. Com and I'll put that link in the email to you but he was going to go and try to make try to work a deal if they sell a free trip and you're going to make about 100 to $300 a month for the life of your customer that bought incline so I think it's pretty cool I'm excited about it and if this works guys were going to have so many more opportunities for y'all coming up with lots of different ideas but yeah I'm so pumped so that's how you can win the free trip we're going to go all together all the ambassadors to the Western Caribbean and 2018 it to be so much fun and yeah I also make sure you've updated your info I'll put that link in the email as well as email that I'm sending to you guys make sure that you've updated your info so we know where to send free travel stuff that we're going to be able to get together for y'all and you know just so I make sure that you make your first official post as an actual Quantico brand ambassador bragging rights yeah you can make your post we have it for you in the email it to you so you make sure that we all are in the know on the rules and all that for being an ambassador it's pretty to look when I'm so excited I've been working on this and I've been just like dying to be able to announce it and now he's got all the Kinks worked out and we're ready to go so yeah you have any questions you know you guys can email us back or whatever and we will be happy to answer them and I hope you guys are excited about this cuz I really excited so yeah it's pretty cool pretty simple and could be super super fun so I guess that's all I think that's it just congratulations again and I will talk to you guys again soon stay tuned for more information more opportunities to get paid and travel and get free stuff Army and thing supporting clean water all over the world we're going to be providing clean drinking water and cleaning up the oceans that's what 10% of all profits go towards that and we're going to do some cool like fundraisers and donate really passionate about that thank you so much for joining our mission and for being on board with our company and we're so excited and we will see you guys on Instagram and Facebook and all right guys love you bye