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 The crowning of creation was woman. We were created to be beautiful, so what happened? Why is it so hard to feel beautiful, and if we do finally get to that place of having that self-confidence why is it such a taboo thing to call ourselves beautiful? These thoughts have been rattling around in my head the past couple of weeks and in making a YouTube channel it was my goal to be so much more than another girl talking about her favorite products. So with these thoughts weighing heavy on my heart I decided to truly address this issue and share my heart with my viewers.

    I have struggled with my looks since I before I was a teenager, and once I hit that rocky road in life, I was never really able to recover from it. I still look in the mirror and focus on what I would define as flaws and, sadly, I know I am not the only girl who does this. I am wanting to get to the point of being able to look in the mirror and know that my worth lies in who God tells me I am, not in who society tells me I am, and not in what I would define as my flaws.

    Recently I have been struggling to post videos because I have been feeling more self-conscious than usual. I make a comment in the video that I still haven't told my friends and family that I have a YouTube channel because once I do, I know I will start to receive criticism for what I am creating. Personally, I so deeply enjoy making videos, that's not to say it isn't difficult at times, but it is something that I feel created to do and for too long I have let the voice of fear and doubt hold me back from creating. That's not to say YouTube is the only form of social media where people will try to say hurtful things, that happens on any social media platform, from Snapchat to Instagram. But I feel it most intimidating to post to YouTube.

    Within the video, I mention that talking about God isn't  necessarily the smart choice to make, but He is such a major part of who I am that it would be untrue to myself to make this video about beauty without mentioning Him. He is the one who created me and knows me better than anyone. In truth, I am still learning to trust in who He says I am, but I am working towards that goal and each day if I take a step closer to Him and His heart,  I know that is a victory. I know that in learning more about how He made me, I learn more about myself and how he made me just as he wanted me to be.

    The reason I bring up God like this is because He created each one of us so uniquely and so wonderfully and it brings a smile to my face knowing that there is no one else like me in this world. I hope it brings a smile to your face, as well, knowing that you are one-of-a-kind and so deeply loved and so beautiful in His eyes. If you are net yet at the place where you view yourself as beautiful, that's okay, we can go on this journey together. But until then, if you ever need some reassurance, just pause and take some time to pray. Trust me on this, God loves to delight in you and your beauty!

Thank you so much for watching the video and reading this. I hope you have a super-amazingly-awesome day and I hope to see you again in my next video.