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Children's Praise and Worship - What Does Kids Worship Look like?

I’d like to pose a question.

Can kids really worship? If so, what does kids worship look like?

Let's take a look.

Worship definition & operation for your 2nd largest congregation in any church

Adult worship music is usually selected by worship leaders, whose whole focus is looking for, choosing, preparing & presenting the worship music each weekend. Let’s call that adult worship gathering what it is; the largest congregation in your church.

Let’s call the kids ministry what it really is: the second largest congregation in your church. How can the kids ministry leader (who, by the way, wears ALL the hats), choose, prepare & present quality worship music for that “congregation”? Your kids ministry congregation includes young believers and “soon-to-be” believers that, just like grown-ups, are commanded to love and worship God with their mind, soul and body. Worship flows from the beginnings of faith in God. The difference for your congregation is that they are kids, with all the energy of every other kid, all over the world - just like God made them.

Children's praise, worship songs, music and lyrics videos, and worship together

At God’s Kids Worship®, we create music that is used in thousands of kids ministries all over the world. Over the course of a few blog posts, I’m going to show you how we select, prepare, and present music, to help you do that for your “congregation.”

Here I Am To Worship

We are all called on to worship. All Christians are called on to worship, and there are no age limits or any other limits put on worship, anywhere in the Bible. If Christian come in all ages, races, and cultures, then don’t expect their worship to look like anything less than the complete diversity you see within the body of Christ. In heaven, we won’t just see cultures of all types giving praise and worship to our God, we will also see all cultures from all ages of man giving praise and worship to God. Won’t it be exciting to see and hear the worship of first century Christians, and the scattered tribes of Israel? I can hardly wait!

How much easier then, is it to imagine, then see and hear, songs of praise and worship from the kids who are are around us in our churches? If they were stones, they would be crying out!

Doing real worship for kids is within the reach of everyone, and kids can worship. This is really important: God doesn’t make something that is so fundamental so hard that it can’t be done by everyone, everywhere. Really.

Worship loud. It’s OK.  Psalms 150 says so.

Bob Singleton, President, God’s Kids Worship®
worship ministry leader, Grammy & Dove nominated kids music producer & composer

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