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Relationship Goals

Relationship Goals

Last week we launched a series called The 9 Relationship Goals.  Today we will talk about joy in our relationships.

We only get to spend an hour with you, but you get to take this home and just all week long, we believe the home is the fabric of the community, and this is our gift to you. So please take this investment in your family right after the service. You can grab this at any campus that you're on, and over the Internet you can download these resources, but we want you to have this material with you. 

Galatians chapter 5 is what this entire packet of this HomePointe Campaign and our series is based on, and if you have a Bible turn with me to Galatians 5. And if you don't have a Bible, in your worship guide there's the key text for the day and also a place to follow along. Even take some notes if you'd like to, which I think will be very helpful today. 

Relationship Goals

If you'd like to do that, there's a place to do that as well. We all have relationship goals, don't we? The last time I checked on Instagram, 2.2 million people posted the #relationshipgoals. I don't know what your relationship goals are, but I'll make you a promise, if you want to have a fulfilling satisfying relationship in life, you can only do that with God's help, and that's why we're in this series. 


God is the one who produces fruit in us, and that fruit doesn't just bless us, it blesses our relationships around us, as our relationship with Him produces that fruit. And so I'm gonna ask you to lean in and really ask yourself, am I a person who spreads joy wherever I go? And now while you're finding Galatians 5, let me tell you what happened to Mrs. Monroe in Darlington, Indiana a few years ago. She has eight children. Now, we already know what the prayer request is, right? So eight kids, and so she gets home from the grocery store and the house is quiet. Now as parents we all know what that means, somebody is in trouble. And so she goes throughout the house to find her kids, and Mrs. 

Monroe finds five of her children in a circle in the living room, all looking at something she can't tell what it is.

Relationship Mistakes

So she sneaks over, looks over one of her kids shoulders and sees five baby skunks.  Now Mrs. Monroe makes a relationship mistake, and all of us have been there, but instead of whispering, kids let's get out of here, she screams, kids get out of here! Which startles them, they didn't even know she was home. 

So all five children grab a skunk, and run in five different directions. Which causes Mrs. Monroe to make another mistake, which we always do in relationships one mistake after another, and she screams, kids no! Which causes the kids to be even more scared. You know what kids do when they get scared? They squeeze. 

These kids go five different directions in the house, all squeezing their baby skunk. Mrs. Monroe reflects later in this article I read, she says I quote, skunks don't like to be squeezed. So as you think about that, the question I want you to ask yourself today is, what are you spreading in your relationships? When you go into a room, do you bring joy into that room?

Wherever you go, you should be a person of joy. Relationship goals.

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This Channel is Sponsored By God Above Self