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Wildfire by Jessica Crawford (Official Video)

"Wildfire" is the title track and first single from singer/songwriter Jessica Crawford's five song EP.  The track is a reflection of Jessica's personal experience with true love - the love of God.  Just as wildfires burn out of control, consume everything in their path and bring new life to forests, the untamed love of Jesus Christ does the same.  "There is nothing like experiencing the love of God for yourself," says Crawford, "It is the love the world is longing to know." Crawford’s mission in life is to express the passionate love of Jesus through music, ministry and missions work via her non-profit called Love Out Loud (  Her passion is to travel around the country leading worship, sharing songs she has written and speaking about the lessons she has learned.  She just can’t keep quiet about the love of God and is on a mission to share that love with others

The song "Wildfire" came to Crawford in a moment of divine inspiration.  After hearing the opening hook in her head, she recorded it on her iPhone knowing it was something special that needed to be written. “Wildfire happened faster than any other song I’ve written” Crawford recounts.  “I knew it was a gift from the Lord because of the way it flowed out of me so quickly and I’m forever grateful for this song.” she explained. The song was brought to life by producer Daniel Ornellas of DoMusic and the Christian rock band Tree63. Using the best of studio musicians in Nashville, Tennessee, Ornellas created a dream team to complete this project.  "Wildfire" features a tribal sound with acoustic drums, gang vocals and a war cry hook. The kick drum pulses like a heartbeat throughout the song and by the time the drum breakdown hits, you'll want to be dancing and singing along. 

The official music video was filmed and directed by Rebecca Friedlander, a multi-talented videographer, musician, potter and speaker.  Friedlander and Crawford combined forces to create a vision for the video, which was then produced by Friendlander through prayerful creativity and honed skill.  Shot in two locations just outside of Nashville, Tennessee, the video was filmed in two days and features the beauty of nature as the song story unfolds ending in a bonfire celebration.  

For more information on Jessica Crawford, her ministry and how to book her for events, check out her website:  You can also follow her journey on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube (links below).

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