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Immigration Status In Israel After Relationship Breakup Because Of Violence In The Family

Immigration Status In Israel  After Relationship Breakup  Because Of Violence In The Family

Hello my name is Joshua Pexs. I'm an Israeli immigration lawyer. We deal a lot with the legal process in front of the Israeli Minister of Interior "Misrad Ha Pnim" for a couple. That one of them is Israeli and the other one is a foreign citizen. This is called the gradual process. According to the procedures of the Israeli state the foreigners are allowed to get legal status in Israel in a gradual process within five or seven years the foreigner can get permanent residency and afterwards even Israeli citizenship. But what happens if this process is stopped because the Israeli. Usually it's the man to say The truth is violent towards his either wife or partner that are foreigners. These cases create a real problem because the foreign woman many many times will feel that she is dependent on her husband or partner in order to even stay in Israel and maybe continue to be here with her children. So the Israeli state and the minister of interior knew that this could be a problem with this kind of dependency of the wife upon her Israeli husband which is abusive towards her. So there is a real specific procedure how to stop the gradual process because of violence within the family. In general these kinds of cases go to the Humanitarian Committee they take into account criteria such as where the couple married how long were they together. Do they have children. And of course also the woman who is claiming that their partner was abusive needs to bring proof either from the police or a social worker or maybe even the woman is in a shelter for battered women. In any case, these kinds of cases are referred to the Humanitarian Committee which makes the decision if you have any questions regarding stopping the gradual process because of violence or any issue of immigration to Israel please don't hesitate to contact us. Thank you.

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