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What Kind of Warranty Does a Commercial Roof Have in Bowie Tx

The commercial roofing industry is built around the aging of the roofs. Generally you'll get a 10 year warranty sometimes a 15 or even 20, depending on how was installed and what type of materials and what's actually going on on the roof. Pillar Roofing is the best roofing company in Texas for dealing with commercial roofs.

Insurance Claims Process on a Commercial Roof in Bonham Tx

When a roof gets damaged by hail or wind uplift, insurance companies come out - it's a huge ticket item. Insurance companies are inherently built to try to save money for their company, so they will try to do repairs when it actually should be replaced.

Do Roofing Companies Help With Insurance Claims for Commercial Roofs in Bedford Tx

We have a system that we work with using property appraisers; they will come out and put down the right dollars and the right sequence of events in a court case established by the appraiser. He or she works directly with the insurance company.

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What Do Insurance Companies Cover for Roof Repair or Installation in Azle Tx

The insurance company may leave out things, like certain materials that are needed or codes we have to follow:

we have to go back with insulation (they want to leave that off), we have to follow OSHA compliance, security guards are needed in certain parts of town with materials that are left out for the project, certain equipment are needed to hoist and lift heavy equipment, AC's have to be helicopter craned.

Will My Insurance Company Cover Everything Needed For a Roof Replacement in Athens Tx

Things of this nature are not caught by most insurance adjusters and the insurance company just wants to try to put a small claim out on most of these buildings and their repairs.

How to Get Your Insurance Company to Pay for a New Roof in Arlington Tx

Our appraisal process or if we want to go through a public adjuster is going to get the right dollars allocated out to the project funding; I found an invaluable with the commercial projects throughout Dallas.

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