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Daily Uploads for Success

As you may know, we spent the last 15 years optimizing and building all the back-end strategy and thoughts that go into Incline; and those who use it and make the most out of it will see the largest incline. This is not going to be easy, and if you've been doing it for a year or if you've been doing it for a day, you know how much work it takes to produce amazing content! Our goal is not to make your life harder - our goal is to make all the energy and hard work pay off. Daily content that consumers will engage with is the heartbeat of a successful incline. We understand that life happens, and of course, there will be times when you can't do daily content. But if this is the path you've chosen, and you want to make the most out of everything available from our technology and platform, we encourage you to UPLOAD DAILY! HARD TRUTH: So often we creatives think everything has to be absolutely perfect before anyone sees it - but that is simply not the case! Of course, we all appreciate and strive for excellence, and we want to put our best foot forward - however, our fans, viewers, followers those who engage with us want to see real life! They want to see the down and dirty. They want to see what makes you tick! After all, we're all human, and some of the most viral videos we've ever seen are some of the most imperfect. Think about all the video that you have seen that has gone viral. Most viral videos are when we are at our least perfect… users, fans, engagers want to see the good, the bad, AND the ugly! Consumers of great content are human, and if only we can be able to open up and share honestly and authentically, we will see amazing things happen. So - if you're an artist or musician, you should share your writers circles, your bloopers, your MAKING THE VIDEO shots that your friends love. If your friends love them, guess who else will love them - your fans! We live in a new economy, and amazing content drives that economy… You are a critical part of that, and the sooner you embrace it, the more powerful your incline will be. Don't let perfectionism get in your way - it's often your worst enemy. Your fans want to see you in all your raw glory!

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