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The Incline Platform

Let’s dig into that complicated sounding definition we like to use: “a new paradigm video based optimization platform."


1 - Using the ranking power of video in a platform designed from the ground up to make your online presence rank in searches is simply something that no one else is doing. 

2 - Other optimization processes (sometimes called SEO) involve going into the backside of your website and tweaking stuff. Incline is the only one we know of that is free-standing - no access to the client’s website necessary!


Google (who essentially writes the rules to the internet) says that soon almost all consumed online content will be video; so they give the greatest ranking “clout” to videos. Therefore, being the super-geniuses we are, we built this platform around video. The entire process starts with uploading a video, which you’ll find feels a lot like making a social media post, or a blog post. We have functions that allow multiple uses of the same video, in case a client is not so “video-savvy.”


We use the term “optimization” because this process doesn’t work like magic - effort still has to be expended. Work still has to be done. But this platform will optimize that work and make the most of it, in online ranking terms. Our Incline platform is global; it is the result of 15+ years and over a million dollars in research and development, and has been sold for upwards of six figures per month, so this pricing schedule is also new paradigm! 


Now you know what Incline is, let’s get into a few of your other questions.

Q How does it do this amazing ranking stuff?

A It’s built into the Incline coding to help anyone’s online presence show up better in search results, and applies to any search bar living on the interwebs - Google, YouTube, Yahoo, Bing,  etc. 

Q No, I mean “how does it do it?”

A If we told you, we’d have to kiss you. Oh sorry, meant to type kill. Not really, but it is way too technical for this writer.

Q How can it work if it’s not connected to a client’s website?

A Big platforms have big “ranking clout” (not a real term, don’t look it up), and Incline has that clout. Anything it’s linked out to will inherit some of that clout, which is really how this whole thing actually works. You post a video, you link out to whatever you want to “incline.” If you link out to a website, that site will show up higher in search results. If you link out to a YouTube channel, that channel will rank higher in keyword searches within a YouTube search. It’s amazing, for real.