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How To Become A better Singer

Yes! You can be a better singer! Watch this video as Suzanne demonstrates why finding and using your best vowel can help you get much better at singing! It is very important to find your easiest vowel sound and then learn to line up all of your vowels in that free and easy pathway so that you can sing without any restrictions, limitations, or vocal strain. You will quickly add notes to your range, experience vocal freedom, sing with more emotion and heart, find your best high notes without pain, sing rich low notes, learn to belt and sing with power, greater dynamic abilities, passion, and beauty, all while protecting your vocal longevity. You can be a better singer! Suzanne shows you how to find your best vowel in this video using the song “When I fall in Love”. Using her ee vowel, which is her best vowel, she demonstrates the freedom she can have when she sings the song only on ee. She also demonstrates what happens when she falls into her worst vowel and the strain and restriction that causes. But when she moves her worst vowel into her best vowel place, she no longer has a worst vowel. All of her vowels are set free and she experiences no limiters, restrictions, or vocal strain. Your best vowel may be ah, or oo, or another vowel. It doesn’t matter which vowel is your best, it only matters that you find the same freedom in all of your vowels so that your voice can be free and you can sing any song you want without straining or getting tired. Suzanne also talks about forming the words around your best vowel sound and shows you how to make that happen as she sings and explains very clearly how this is done. You will be greatly helped with your own singing as you find out that you can get better at singing. You can be a better singer! In this lesson, Suzanne also shows you how use your breath to help release the sound and remove restrictions. Using a water bottle, she shows you how to start the sound past the bottle and how to keep it moving throughout each line of the song. You will love trying this exercise and feeling the release from restrictions that may be interfering with your best singing. You will begin to find you best high notes and feel the sweet relief of singing them without tension. It’s so much fun! Enjoy this lesson and we hope that it helps you as you find your own amazing voice! Yes! You can be a better singer!