How To Be Your Own Boss With A Brand New Early Stage MLM Opportunity In The Beauty Industry's Featured Video

How To Be Your Own Boss With A Brand New Early Stage MLM Opportunity In The Beauty Industry

Hi, I'm Lisa Goucher with Monat and the purpose of this information is to tell you that if you thought you could not change career paths, I promise you, you can! If you have a void in your life with the job that you're doing, it's not challenging enough or more importantly if there's just not enough income coming in your door, you can make a change and you can start today with Monat.

Build Your Own Direct Marketing Team, Work From Home, And Earn Residual Income

I'm a perfect example of how you can switch career paths. I've been in Monat for year-and-a-half. I come from the legal industry and when I started Monat, I just started it for fun. I started with my daughter just to have a good time and teach her how to build a business. With just the little bit of picking away that I did, it literally just took off. What happened is that I was an owner of a business that came to a close. I had signed a non-compete, so I wasn't allowed to be out there beating the streets and and talking to all the people in the legal industry that I had to for the previous 30 years.

The Best Home Based Business Opportunity For Moms Who Are Looking For Financial Freedom And Flexibility

For me, Monat just took on a life of its own. The company itself is only two and a half years old and the reason why I wanted to make this video today is to tell you that they recently disclosed that it is going to be a 300 million dollar company this year. I would ask you to ask, "Have you heard of Monat?" to ten people. If they've heard of it, then you need to jump on this bandwagon and I can mentor you. I would love to help you!

Work From Home With A Ground Floor Opportunity In Hair And Skin Care Direct Marketing 

So, it's been out about two and a half years. The first year, they thought if they did a million dollars worth of business that would be a wonderful year, and when I say they I'm talking about the Urdanetas. The Urdanetas are the family that created this wonderful product, this wonderful company. The second year, they did 40 million dollars worth of business, which was October of last year. This year, they just told us for 2017, they predicted to do three hundred million dollars worth of business.

So, I promise you if you've never heard of Monat, the first anti-aging hair care line with absolutely no toxins that promotes growth, I promise you're going to hear more and more about it. I recommend calling me today. I would love to Mentor you and help you get on this bandwagon and just go through this journey with me! Thank you, bye!

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