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Home Insurance Replacement Cost Extended

Insurance for Texans loves helping people achieve and protect their dreams.
One of the biggest things we are a part of is when you have bought your new home. The neighborhood is great and the kids love it! It works perfectly for your family, and our job is to protect it. That’s what we are here for! Home Insurance replacement cost extended is one of the reasons you will want to insure your home with us!

 Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Accidental Fire Damage?

Unfortunately, tragedy can strike and your home catches on fire.The fire department comes and does their job, but the house is a total loss. Now the rebuilding process begins.

Your insurance company creates an awesome experience for you and your family as we work together to rebuild your home and your life.

The builder is going about doing their job and you are reassembling your items and the things that matter the most. You’re beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel. 

 What Happens to your Home if you are Rebuilding and the Dwelling Value is used up before you get done?

One day the contractor comes to says, “We’ve hit a problem.” Construction costs have gone up and he is now worried their may not be enough money to finish up the build on the house to get it back to normal the way you want it. 

 Cost Overruns and Home Insurance Extended Replacement Cost

What happens now? Suddenly you remember discussing something about cost overruns with your agent at Insurance for Texans. You call and discuss what they refer to as extended replacement cost. They remind you that there is an extra 10 to 50 percent on your dwelling value that is available for covering the cost of rebuilding your home in a situation just like this.

 Home Insurance for Texans

You tell your contractor not to worry because there is additional money available in your policy since it was set up correctly to make sure that you are covered.

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