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Aromatherapy: Natural Healing with Essential Oils

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Did you know that essential oils were mankind’s first medicine? Essential oils are volatile liquids, meaning that they are easily evaporated at normal temperatures and are lipid-soluble, meaning they are capable of penetrating cells, even if they are hardened due to lack of oxygen. They are distilled from different types of plants (including the numerous parts, such as: seeds, bark, leaves, stems, roots, flowers, etc.) and have a number of natural chemical constituents. These are the components that that provide the therapeutic benefits – partially because pure essential oils have a bioelectrical frequency that is greater than the frequency of herbs, food or even the human body. These types of frequencies are a measurable rate of electrical energy that is constant, this type of energy exchange occurs in everything; living or non-living. Essential oils are so small in size molecularly; this results in them almost instantly being absorbed into the skin. In the body, there is a blood-brain barrier membrane that aides in preventing certain types of damaging substances from reaching brain and spinal tissues; and through studies conducted in 1994, it was documented by the Medical University of Germany that essential oils high in sesquiterpenes actually have the ability to reach the blood-brain barrier and go beyond it.  Doctor Teresa Jones is an avid user and believer of essential oils for their holistic healing properties and only uses the purest, therapeutic grade essential oils in her office to treat patients with the highest quality of care. Similar to principles applied in Doctor Teresa Jones’ Q4 Balancing and Correcting Technique, the use of pure essential oils will help you reach balance emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually.

• Essential oils are powerful antioxidants
• Essential oils have shown properties similar to antibacterial or antiviral products
• Essential oils aide in strengthening the immune system and its response
• Essential oils promote detoxification of the cells and blood
• Essential oils help promote emotional, physical and spiritual healing
• When diffused aromatically, essential oils:
                        - promote the removal of metallic particles and toxins from the air
                        - aide in increasing atmospheric oxygen
                        - increase negative ions in the area (which inhibits bacterial growth)
                        - destroys odors from smoke, mold, animals, etc.


Aromatic: Your sense of smell can promote powerful mental, emotional and physiologic responses. Pure essential oils have a direct link to your brain via the olfactory nerve. It particularly affects the part of the brain that controls emotions, behaviors, smell & memory. For these reasons, essential oils have proven to be extremely powerful when used aromatically. There are different types diffusers such as ultra sonic, cold air or water vapor diffusers. Diffusion (aromatherapy), however it does not require any specific device. You can achieve similar benefits by simply placing a few drops of essential oil in your hands – then rub them together and cup your hands around your nose while you breathe deeply.  
- Apply oil to cotton ball and place in the vents of your vehicle
- Dilute oil with water and put in spray bottle to freshen linens
- Use oils with wool dryer balls, makes a great natural fabric softener

Topical: This method is an effective one for applying essential oils. The molecules in essential oils are easily absorbed into the skin, allowing them to stay in the applied area for a more localized benefit. Using light massage can increase blood flow to a particular area, improving the distribution of the essential oil(s) throughout the body. Using a carrier oil may also aide in the absorption and help slow the evaporation of the oil. (This is highly recommended for young or sensitive skin)

- Neck
- Forehead/Temples
- Chest/Abdomen
- Arms/Legs/Bottoms of Feet

Internal: There are a number of essential oils that have been used in culinary applications throughout history. They have also been used to support a healthy lifestyle (Ex: cinnamon in your oatmeal, peppermint tea, basil in pasta, etc.). Essential oils not only contribute to flavor when used internally, but these natural oils can also lead to many health benefits as well. When ingested, essential oils directly enter the blood stream via the gastro-intestinal tract, where they are then transported throughout your body and to the cells. [[REMEMBER: Not all types of essential oils are safe for internal consumption; be sure to research and consult/follow the guidance of your healthcare professional]]


- Use essential oils in cooking or baking
- Add essential oils to water, tea, smoothies, etc.
- Add essential oils to vegetable capsules and ingest


While essential oils have become more mainstream and popular among the masses over the last decade, you may have noticed small brands popping up at your local drug or grocery store. It is important to remember that all essential oils are not created equally. At Whole Health Chiropractic, Doctor Teresa Jones only uses the purest, therapeutic grade essential oils – and the brand that she uses in Young Living. When you understand how the quality of essential oils can affect the health supporting benefits you could be aiming to receive. Synthetic or adulterated oils are commonly mislabeled to promote them as pure to increase sales volume. Sometimes oils are extended, with alcohols or other fatty oils to make them stretch further for the amount of money spent to produce said oils. In other cases oils can be mixed with their perfume counter parts (Ex. Pure Lavender oil mixed with lavandin or Pure Rose oil mixed with geranium) allowing the dishonest companies to extend the adulterated essential oil, and can easily get away with it due to the smell being similar. Young Living Essential Oils are completely pure and are steam distilled under the supervision of the founder, Dr. Gary Young. The pure quality of these oils allows to maximum benefits. When you are aiming to use essential oils for their therapeutic benefits, you want it to be pure, clean and natural with a good energy value and clear fragrance. This is why at Whole Health Chiropractic, we only use and promote the best quality essential oils for our patients use. You can directly access Dr. Jones’ Young Living website through the link  http://teresajones.marketingscents.com.


If you would like to know more about aromatherapy, essential oils, Young Living or holistic healing – feel free to contact our Garland, TX office and schedule and appointment with Doctor Teresa Jones today!


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