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The Crossroads of Hunter Wilde

The Crossroads of Hunter Wilde
A Mike Norris Film

WHERE: First Baptist Church of Fate Texas

WHEN: October 14, 2017 @ 5:00 PM

WHO: All invited to come and preview this new movie!


It's been a year since the world fell apart. When it fell, it went fast. Everything's falling apart out there. Preparing for it's one thing, but living in it?  

Confusion has got a grip on the town. Why are we still here? How do you fight something you can't see? Prayer.

The world turned their back on God a long time ago. Is it not possible God said, "Enough." Your Bible can't help you now, can it?

We should have been raptured! If we close our eyes to what's going on on the outside, we're going to wake up and the enemy is going to be right here inside of our gate. The enemy is not afraid to kill. It's nothing compared to the battle that is to come.

Is he dead? We fight against spiritual wickedness in high places. Our only weapon is prayer.

Call out on your God Almighty, but he is mine.

This thing has no authority over you. Fight it!

I want Hunter Wilde!

The believers are our greatest prize.

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